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Random Wednesday Thoughts

**Yesterday, I had the odd experience of discovering that an actor was dead while simultaneously watching him perform. I've been rewatching Chernobyl and was watching/listening to a scene that Paul Ritter was in when I pulled up a website that had his death as a headline.
**I'm starting to feel like my past is slowly being erased into nothing. Not even the hospital I was born in exists anymore.
**It's already been one of those mornings. Stuck behind a bus. Forgot to bring a mask. Sleepy.
**The renewal for my lease was in the mail today. I'll be glad to sign it. This has been a great place for me and the kids to call home.
**I skipped my usual lunchtime walk today in favor of running home and getting some packages off the porch.
**I'm ending the work day in a meeting with some people I haven’t seen in a long time. 
**Some six hours after the last blurb was written, I find myself in bed reading and finally realized that I had not published this. Yikes. Maybe it's time to retire? 


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Monday night. Workout is done. Dinner is finished. Everything is set up for tomorrow morning. It's the end of a busy day and I am grateful to be at home. Over the weekend, they did an upgrade of the main document handling system that we use at the office. It did not roll out well. It worked like a broken down car at times. Yeah, you got where you were going, but it took a while longer than it should have and it involved a few restarts. There was also the usual absences on the staff. No mater what, I knew I was leaving at 4:30. More than anything, I just miss the kids right now. I got to see them for a few hours at church yesterday morning, which I enjoyed. Julia snuggled into me at one point and said, "I don't want to leave you Daddy". That hurt to hear, knowing that I would have to leave her. Colin sat with his cousin, Isabel, but I was able to make him happy in one way. On Saturday I bought the tickets to the concert that he wants to see a week from Thursday. We&#

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Well, if you're over here, you've definitely seen my other post. I'm still in a state of shock, but I'll manage. My kids deserve that much. This is something that I saw coming, and braced myself in some fashion, but I also did not see it coming and have tried to come to terms with it in the last hour. In reality, as of this writing, it has been less than twelve hours since it was told to me. I don't really want to say much more than that; maybe I say something wrong and it will be used against me. We're trying to do this right. Amicable, fair, and with only the best interests of the children in mind. So the title? It's a refrain from a song by The Refreshments called Mekong , that has been played much longer by the band they turned into, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. If I remember correctly (and I always do), I ended the post about my wedding with the same words, and very much the same sentiment. The whole 'Illiteratei' thing? I never thought

Random Wednesday Thoughts

**I woke up this morning around 2 after hearing the strangest sound outside. It sounded like a person screaming, but the sound was so constant and similar every time I heard it, I knew it had to be an owl or something like that. Maybe it was a person screaming? **Earlier this week, me and the woman I was dating decided to go our separate ways. I'm not really upset about it. There ended up being a few differences that we couldn't agree or find middle ground on, but there were also many things that I thought I could deal with that were bothering me. It's definitely for the best. This is what "dating" is for. **It's been raining all morning. The skies are deep gray, letting very little light through. This is a a Florida tradition leading up to Christmas. It should rain one more time before the big day, but I will be off on that day, instead of sitting in my office without a window asking someone else if it's raining. **Despite the rain, I went out on my usual