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A little bit of time has passed since my last post. It's not a terrible amount of time, but it's definitely longer than normal. Why? I'm not really sure. 
There has been little of note occurring in my life, yet there are so many thoughts bouncing around that I couldn't really write about them. In keeping with my 'No Negative Posts' rule, I chose to leave everything blank. It's not aided by coming home to an empty house, but I guess sitting in a house by yourself is preferable to being surrounded by people pretending to care. 
The absence of posting has also had me reevaluating this blog. What's its purpose for me? What's its purpose in general? Maybe at one time it was more important to me, but it's felt like a secondary or tertiary concern for me. I'm not getting rid of it yet. Or maybe not at all. 
After saying goodbye to the kids on Friday, I slogged through work. The rains made my usual walks impossible, yet I just couldn't stay in the corridors and walls of the building. I ventured over to the mall closest to my office, which is now on life support. So many stores that were there six months ago are now gone. My memories of that place go back almost 35 years, so to see it in this state is just sad. I decided to treat myself and bought a new cologne to replace a scent I no longer liked. I've been wearing it all weekend.
The next morning I walked over to the farmers market for the first time in ages. I became disappointed with it last year, as there seemed to be more resellers than actual growers there. This time, the goods being sold reflected the right point of the season. I only bought a few types of lettuce and a dozen eggs. The eggs are good though. I do wish I had my own chickens, but that's not going to happen here. 
Honestly, that's been it. I went shopping around some yesterday and today. There's some new towels and a few new houseplants to show for my efforts, but it just makes the house better. I love the look of the plants inside. 
I'm going without the kids until Wednesday, and then they'll be with me for ten straight days. They're both excited for it. I am too. 


  1. One more sleep, Jon. I can't remember the last time I bought cologne. I have been using the same stuff since college and that was more than 20 years ago.


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