Storms on the Way

It was a good day to buy a new windchime for the back porch. There is a strong line of storms bringing a cold front behind it and the breeze is blowing outside. Three windchimes are back there now, each a different tone, and they are singing.
The kids and I have had a good, but busy day. It was an early start for me, around 6, and the kids followed. I tried to accomplish a lot before we left. Ironing clothes, prepping dinner for tonight and even mowing the yard outside. We went out to get a few things, mostly things for the house and for the company we're having over tomorrow. The young people's study group from church is coming over. It's always nice to have them here, even though my joke to them of 'this is the closest thing that I have to a social life' is becoming more and more accurate.
After a lunch out, we ran a few more errands and then came home. I spent a good amount of time cleaning up the house for tomorrow, making sure that everything is as presentab…

Random Friday Thoughts

**This kind of post is starting to become a regular thing on Fridays.
**Other than a few moments where my son was absolutely not listening to me last night, we had a really good evening. We ate a good dinner, got their baths and showers done and then watched TV. I'm eager to get them tonight because I have promised them Chinese food tonight in addition to a surprise trip to Target.
**I have hit my saturation point for the day and will most likely just make sure that we are functioning. It's been a incredibly long day at the end of an incredibly long week.
**My mood has suffered this week to where nothing feels as it should.
**We had to go to the dollar store store at 8:30 last night in order buy nail polish remover for my daughter and a new bottle of nail polish. She had picked one up earlier in the day and I give you one guess to who screwed up putting it on. She was happy with the final product.

Early Afternoons At Home

A man could get used to leaving the office at 2:30. It's incredibly wonderful to pick up the kids and spend the last three hours of daylight together. Much like the early hours of the morning, there is a particular magic to those last few hours of daylight. It's not nearly as beautiful as it was a few hours ago. The clouds are moving in, taking the last few radiant colors with them, those incredible shades of golden and deep orange light that get displayed this time of year.
We are at home now. The kids are playing out here and we have a fire going in the fire pit. Were it not for the bag of chemicals that we bought to add colorful flames to the fire, it would be great for grilling over in about an hour. We're having chicken, carrots and a roll. Maybe some rice thrown in for good measure.
After the week I've had, it's nice to be at home. This week at the office has been particularly grueling. There are new problems cropping up every single day, including ones tha…

Random Wednesday Thoughts

**I'm glad today is Wednesday. The week is halfway over and I get my kids today.
**I held off doing yoga this morning in lieu of doing the workout with my son this afternoon. He really enjoys doing it alongside me.
**I'm very glad I'm not completely in charge of my program at the office right now. Very glad. My little part of it is doing just fine.
**Looking ahead at the weather for the weekend. Saturday is going to be a beautiful day and Monday is going to be a great day for staying warm inside.
**One of the email boxes I monitor at the office got a particularly interesting email from Brazil. Long story short, it told me that we had apparently visited a website not suitable for children, we received a 'heavy virus' which downloaded all of my friends, passwords, etc. It even claimed to have a video 'where it has shown totally your self-relaxation'. It then proceeded to tell us we had 24 hours to pay or else all of our data was being released. I was torn on…

One More Night

When I woke up this morning, I had this terrible foreboding feeling that something I wouldn't like was going to happen today. I couldn't shake it, even on the way to the office. I'm glad to say the feeling went away and even more glad to say that nothing happened. Well, nothing has happened so far. The day isn't over yet, but bedtime is less than an hour away.
There is so little to say about today that is acceptable to say publicly. I've said it before, but I am supremely conscious about this blog being incredibly public and would never post anything to identify my actual profession or position. It not only makes blogging easier, but it also removes the threat of someone that I've angered finding it. Believe me, I make people pretty angry in my job and that means that I am doing it well.
We had a meeting this morning to discuss an action plan caused by a glitch or software patch that had been in place for at least a year and a half. I spent the entire day wor…


When a day literally begins with the dog being startled and peeing on the couch, you should accept that as a harbinger of the day to come and just go back to bed.
Instead, I did yoga, got dressed and went to the office.
Things are better now. I am at home, where it is warm on a cold night. Sure, it's empty here with just me and 'Sir Tinkles', which is Alvin's nickname when he..well. You know. He's just one of those dogs who gets excited and can't control himself. That's why he is not allowed on the couch, which he should not have been on this morning.
The kids are not here and tomorrow is the last night that I have to go without them. I miss those two dearly. Colin should be happy because when he's here on Sunday night is when the young people's Bible study group is coming over and he's always wanted to be here when they are. I don't know if he is aware that that night is also when the Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse is happening. I'm h…

I Am Here

I'm here. Not much going on here. My poor little girl is still sick.
I'm only posting to reassure you all that I was not assaulted by a flock of birds.