Four Day Weekend

Wow. I mentioned briefly yesterday about the work week somehow knowing that you were going to take a day off and that the remaining days would rise to the occasion. Today proved that theory right. It was not a bad day, but it was a tremendously busy day. Lots of questions needed answered. Lots of reports needed ran. Lots of phone calls needed answered. By 4:30, aiming at a 4:45 departure time, the day finally calmed down.
There were good points beyond the work day. I bought the tickets for my son to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers in Atlanta this July. He was excited when I told him, but not nearly as close to the elated victory lap he took last year.
We have had a really good night here at home. I cooked a dinner of grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes and grilled corn. Both kids were pleased with the results.
I picked another handful of tomatoes from the garden while I was grilling. I'm glad they're growing, but it's nowhere near the yield I used to get at the old …

Random Wednesday Thoughts

**Yesterday I had so little free time that posting never actually crossed my mind. Work was busy all day and with a church study group in the evening, I was at home for maybe thirty minutes before I went to bed.
**I was walking into the office this morning and as I was going through the parking deck, I thought to myself, "Do I hear Lemmy?" Yes. I did. My phone had started to play a Motorhead song while I was walking with it in my pocket.
**With the holiday weekend coming up, I have the kids starting today for a total of six days. I'm very happy with that.
**It seems that when you take a day off, the rest of the days recognize that and rise to the occasion.
**I realize that I say this every Wednesday, but am I ever eager to be with my kids tonight.
**It's sad that we're so well rehearsed for people being gone at the office.
**My purchase last weekend of the new ferns for the house has been, so far, a good thing. They're surviving well inside the house and…
Yesterday I just wasn't in the mood to post anything. It wasn't a good day and I was glad to have the evening be okay, because otherwise the day was completely wasted.  The evening was at least a good meal while watching a wrestling pay per view.
Today made things a little better. I at least accomplished a lot at work and am, somehow, progressing well on a new duty.
I definitely have been feeling 'off' a lot lately. Things don't feel right or turn out different than I perceive them to be. That includes myself. I'm working on it. Be thankful that I didn't post yesterday, because you would have gotten a lot more than two sentences on the subject.
There's at least peace tonight. The house is cleaned up and I had a good dinner. It's progressed to the time of year that I have to water the yard to keep it from drying out. The garden requires watering every other day, so I can at least give the yard a few times a week.
With the house clean, it's re…

As Close to Normal As I Can Be on a Saturday

Last night my plans for doing the yard work were nearly derailed. Sure, I could have easily done it this morning, but I was really hoping to free up as much of the day as I could today. On the ride home after work yesterday, there was a small, but strong thunderstorm that sprang up to the west of the area. I started off seeing lightning towards the area where my daughter's pre-school is and by the time I was on my side of town, it had progressed to what Forest Gump would have called "Big Ol' Fat Rain'. Fortunately for me, that time it was raining was very brief, but long enough that I was able to begin the work inside.
With it all done I anticipated going on a small shopping venture, looking for some new ferns for the living room, but also a trip to the grocery store.
That 'trip' this morning had me out of the house from 8:30-11 and involved a few more stops than I anticipated. I got the ferns, some new stakes for the tomato plants, some cupcakes from my fav…

Random Friday Thoughts

**I briefly considered actually having a real post today, but I have plans tonight to free up the day tomorrow and this is the best way to get that done.
**Last night, someone tried to use my American Express card at a gas station in Arizona. They didn't have my card, but I will be getting a new one. Talking to the fraud department is always fun.
**My morning could have been better. Julia threw a fit about everything, and when you're already down about not being able to see them for days, having your last minutes be like that is a bit sad. In time, she was better, but I still hate those moments that feel wasted.
**Those exciting plans? I am mowing the yard as soon as I get home and then cleaning up the house. To do both on the same day tells you how much I needed a cheering up today.
**The day has become nothing more than endurance. It is literally only about making it to 5. The level of stupid stuff has become the biggest drag on the day. I think it'd be easier to have…

Wiped Out

The title says it all. I'm wiped out tonight. After a busy day at work, a busy evening at home, punctuated by a tripe to the frozen yogurt place, to sit here now on the couch and be still is just a sudden realization of it all.
It hasn't been a bad day by any means. Sure, it's been punctuated by moments of good, frustrating and all points in between, but that's just life I suppose.
Right now, my daughter is playing in the bath and my son is in his room. He has a field trip tomorrow to the skating place that has been in existence since I was a kid. He needed to wear a specific field trip shirt, but it was at his mother's place, so she had to bring it over. It was good for the kids, but for me it was one of those moments where the scab got ripped off again and everything felt raw once more. You think it would be different by now. Instead, it was just a reminder of everything and I was in the kitchen wondering how it all happened, even though I understand how I got h…

Random Wednesday Thoughts

**Last night I was messing around with my guitar and something sounded off in the tone coming from the amplifier. I tweaked some settings and it still didn't sound right. Now, I can't get the sound out of it I previously had.
*Much like the tone of the guitar last night, something seems off today. Like I'm waiting for something to happen.
**So far, I was wrong and nothing has been wrong. I at least feel like it's a semi-normal day.
**It seems strange to me to be excited about a lower utility bill than normal. I am. I definitely am.
**There are three houseplants that are pretty much on their deathbed. It's not for a lack of care, but I think it's just the right area for them. Two are ferns that likely should have been in the ground, but I took a chance on having them survive. The third? Let's just say Walmart is not the best place to shop for plants.
**Speaking of house plants, about two weeks ago I bought an arabica coffee plant for in the house and it&…