Why, oh why is it so hard to put a duvet cover on properly? I dont' wash the cover and the comforter as often as I should and about twenty minutes ago I was reminded why. It's just annoying and frustrating.
Of course, why let a twenty minute task that was completely frustrating ruin a good day. I was up way too early, but found the extra time allowed me to get a few things done. Changed out the sheets, started to wash the comforter and duvet cover and then worked out some. The workout was interrupted by my daughter yelling "AHH!" from her room. It's a holdover from how she would alert us she was awake when she was a baby. Now, despite the fact that she can talk, get up out of the bed on her own and even open her own door, she still yells "AHH!". I don't mind.
She gave me some great snuggles in the morning as we were watching TV, and heavily protested when I got up to go mow the lawn. I had originally thought I would do it after we got back from ou…

Random Friday Thoughts

**The worst feeling lately has been knowing that I've been doing things right, and yet waiting for everything to go wrong.
**It's looking like the tropical system off the coast of Florida will come nowhere near us here.
**Being yelled at for things I didn't do is still part of my job description.
**At some point today, I've hit levels approaching sensory overload. I'm doing fine, but I am so ready to leave for the weekend. On the plus side, having a window seat and watching/listening to a favorite movie is helping.
**My daughter complimented me on my cologne this morning and I said, "Thank you. I was wearing it when you were born".


The title says it all. I am spent. It was a long day of work, reports, answering calls nearly constantly and once that all settled, I found myself in a position where I wanted to just leave. I picked up my kids, brought them home, made dinner and now we're relaxing while watching TV.
I am anxious for the weekend in many ways. First, it's a weekend with the kids. Secondly, it's just the weekend. I need the break.
I'm still on a mission to improve the look of things around the house, but I am frugal/cheap and won't spend much to do it. I promised the kids we wouldn't be out long on Saturday. They really don't like to be out and running around much and seem to prefer hanging out at home. Guess what? Me too.
And once again, we are looking at the potential for a tropical storm or tropical depression in our area. Maybe. These things are notoriously fickle.

Random Wednesday Thoughts

**Wednesday is off to a fantastic start. One employee is late, another may be leaving and there's one who has been sick all week and may not be here.
**Again, if I haven't said much about how I feel lately, it's largely because I have tried to keep the content here upbeat. Things are okay, but could be a lot better. There are times when I am fine and then there are other times where I am not. Maybe the most accurate statement is that I feel like a raw nerve sometimes.
**Like many today, my thoughts turn towards the 9/11 attack 18 years ago. While it may be profitable to me to recount everything about that day for me, it would likely be of little interest to others. I was working at a high volume call center at the time and learned of the attack from a caller. Soon after, I realized that all of our phones had fallen silent.
**My city, Tallahassee, never makes it into the news for anything good.
**I had a terrible time falling asleep last night at 10. I couldn't drif…

One More Night

If you wanted to pick an overall theme for me tonight, it's the title. One more night to go and I get my kids back under my roof. The laundry is clean and folded. The house is clean. I'm as ready as I can be for them. I just need them.
I skipped my long walk tonight. Not only did I decide to do a few additional things while cleaning the house, two evening workouts in a row, combined with last night's walk, made my legs pretty sore. So yes, no walk tonight, but I did fit in a pretty good workout as soon as I got home. Once completed, I delved into a few projects around the house, largely focused on making improvements that either cost nothing or very little. Slight changes in decor, rearrangement and relocation of items. Last night I stopped at Hobby Lobby to buy some fake plants that they had on sale, breaking my vow of 'no fake plants in my house'. Right now, I have 17 live houseplants scattered through the living room, bedroom and kitchen. I only went with the fa…
I'm ruined.
I grilled a grass-fed NY strip steak for dinner tonight that I bought the farmer's market over the weekend and it may be the best steak I've ever grilled. Can't afford it every time, but it's definitely a good way to treat myself.
In an uncommon moment, I'm posting this from my computer. I just returned from a two mile walk, dressed in all black. It's getting darker sooner and all of my workout gear is black. Not a good idea. When you couple that with the DDP Yoga workout I did as soon as I got home, I definitely have met my physical activity quotient for the day.
It wasn't a bad day. Yesterday wasn't that bad a day either. It was good to be with my kids, even if only for a few hours. Each made me proud in their own way.
I spent most of my time at home, which is pretty much the only place that I fit in anymore. I can be a tag-along with someone else's group, but I'm not really part of any group. Alvin and I can be a group, right?

Not Really a Lazy Saturday

Last night I made a conscious decision to not set my alarm. Usually on Friday nights, I will at least set the alarm for 6:30 and then turn it off in the morning and snooze some. I woke up at 7, just as the birds were chirping and found that the temperature outside was about 70. I opened the patio doors and let the screens do their job. It was a great way to start the day, even if that day moved towards 100 degrees within hours.
I worked out a bit, paid some bills and then took a walk over to the farmers market. I went last week with the kids, but found it was hard to look around with them. This morning, being solo made it easier and I went with a few items in mind that I intentionally did not buy at the store last night. I walked around for a little while, bought some tomatoes and potatoes, along with an onion. I also bought a steak from a ranch that is in south Georgia that raises their own grass fed beef. It's a New York strip and should make a good meal on Monday night.
I dec…